June 11, 2019

Dr. Doris Quon

June 11, 2019

Michelle Kim

Executive Director
June 11, 2019

Laura Desai

Senior Operations Manager
June 11, 2019

Cynthia Chavez

Outreach Manager
June 11, 2019

Casey O’Brien

Events Coordinator
March 27, 2019

Bombardier Blood Movie Screening, June 29, Pasadena

March 29, 2019

Pain Management: Alternative Therapies, July 13, Pasadena

PLEASE JOIN US for our first Pain Management: Alternative Therapies Conference
March 29, 2019

Reunion de Mujeres Enlazadas Por Sangre/Women’s Gathering Dinner – July 17

Acompañe a HFSC a disfrutar de una tarde en compañia de nuestras mamas, portadoras y cuidadoras. Aprenderemos como hacer mas activo con hemofilia y otros desórdenes sanguíneos.
March 30, 2019

5th Annual Back to School Education Symposium: August 3, 2019

Join HFSC and Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) with Center for Inherited Blood Disorders (CIBD), and Orthopaedic Treatment Center (OTC) for the 5th Annual Education Symposium!
April 12, 2019

Raising A Child With Hemophilia

My name is Laura Jimenez and I’ve been asked to share my experience as a mother of a boy with a bleeding condition, my son Albert […]
April 12, 2019

Lessons I have Learned

It was 1992, I was 21 years old and had just been drafted by the Detroit Tigers to play minor league baseball. I was sent to […]
April 12, 2019

A Story of Triumph Over Adversity

By the time Ivan was born, in 1968, the Escobar family already had two boys with hemophilia. The first child had died in infancy as a […]