CAMP BLOOD BROTHERS AND SISTERS @ the Painted Turtle: July 23-28, Lake Hughes

5th Annual Back to School Education Symposium: August 3, 2019
March 30, 2019
Reunion de Mujeres Enlazadas Por Sangre/Women’s Gathering Dinner – July 17
March 29, 2019

It’s summer camp time for youth with bleeding disorders ages 7-16!! Leaders in Training for campers ages 17-18 and Volunteer Counselors for those 19+. Join us for a week of a lifetime at our free medically staffed summer camp! Try new things, Build up Esteem and Laugh out Loud!

REGISTER HERE! Please call the office at 626-765-6656 if you need assistance with your application or have questions!

Camp Blood Brothers and Sisters at the Painted Turtle is considered the most important program that HFSC provides to our members.  Our weeklong camp is designed to foster personal growth and exploration where youth ages 7-16 will spend time together. Our goal is to empower campers—to make new friends, try new things, build self-confidence, and become more independent in their medical care. In short, we aspire to help our campers discover all that is possible in their lives.

Our camp creates a community, one where kids get to know other kids just like them. With this feeling of belonging—of not being alone—campers are more ready to overcome challenges and embrace the new opportunities that they encounter every day. And, of course, it’s all done in an environment that provides outstanding medical care and support for all the campers needs. Youth are taught to self-infuse their medication/clotting factor which can be a life-saving technique for some, this accomplishment is then celebrated with the coveted “Big Stick Award”.

Our unique camp experience includes many experiential sessions: between morning horseback rides and evening campfires, children become artists, swimmers, athletes, canoe paddlers, stargazers, actors on stage, adventurers, and, most importantly, friends. Our campers form a unique community, living in cabins alongside other kids coping with similar bleeding disorders. With the support of both counselors and cabin mates, kids discover they are capable of doing things they never dreamed possible.

Our campers experience a magical transformation, as they sing and dance, paint, play, and develop important friendships. Life outside of camp may mean a series of medical procedures and hospital stays, but camp is an opportunity for kids to just be kids. With the support of peers, counselors, and on-site medical staff, campers are free to be themselves.

In addition, our camp offers a unique Leader in Training (LIT) component for teens with bleeding disorders (ages 17-18) where participants learn leadership skills and are groomed to become future leaders within the camp. This program is designed to provide a week of community, education, recreation and growth for teens who are in the process of becoming the leaders of their own lives.  Participants join us for a week-long summer session, and live in the cabin with their peers and Leadership Counselors (“LC’s”).  LC’s take part in a variety of workshops and activities to learn different leadership skills including: communication, decision making, conflict resolution, public speaking, and role modeling