Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life and build community for families and individuals living with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders by offering a variety of programs and services that educate, advocate and support the needs of the bleeding disorders community in Southern California.


The Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California has been serving the community since 1954, providing quality programs and services to individuals affected by Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Like many foundations, ours began out of the vision of a few individuals who saw the need and importance of uniting in an effort to provide information, education, and improved treatments that would keep their loved ones alive. Over the years, we have continued this mission and have grown to meet the changing needs of the bleeding disorders community. We continue, where medical treatment leaves off; in our efforts to reach all people affected by hemophilia, and other serious forms of bleeding disorders. We want them to know that there are others who understand their hardships who are here to support them as they journey through the adventures and struggles of living with a bleeding disorder. Currently, HFSC offers assistance in many areas such as medic alert sponsorship, emergency financial assistance, individual and family counseling, family gatherings and retreats, case management, seminars, advocacy, along with youth focused programs like summer camp, kids club, and HemoGames. We also work to educate our community through health-focused education and resources like our informative newsletters, web site, and fact sheets. We serve the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Kern, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Riverside and Ventura Counties. Based on a conservative 1.5% of the population in our area there are just under 2,000 individuals with Hemophilia A and B, over 300,000 individuals with von Willebrand, as well as countless more with other types of bleeding disorders.

Who We Serve

HFSC Board Meeting and Visitor Protocol

In an effort to make planning for and attending Board meetings easier for Board members, staff, and community members, HFSC will return to regularized Board meeting dates and times. HFSC will hold Board meetings at the Foundation office on odd numbered months and Board-only conference calls (CC) on even numbered months, beginning in March 2007. Meetings will begin at 6pm on the fourth Wednesday of every month. A Board meeting date will only be rescheduled if it conflicts with other major meetings or events in the hemophilia community, such as the NHF Annual Meeting or HFSC summer camp, or if a quorum has not been guaranteed by a count of RSVPs at least one (1) week prior to the meeting. Emergency meetings of the full Board or of the Executive Committee via conference call may be held, but generally, new business requiring discussion and action, as determined by the Executive Committee, will be agendized for the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Visitors will be welcomed at Board meetings held at the Foundation office, but may be respectfully asked to leave during the last thirty (30) minutes for the Closed-door Session during which the Board may discuss matters requiring privacy by professional ethics or confidentiality laws. Visitors who would like to address the Board during the Visitor Comment Period at the beginning of the meeting, may request to be agendized by calling the Foundation office no later than one (1) week prior to the Board meeting, providing the nature of the address, and submitting a Conflict of Interest Statement within three (3) business days. The number of visitors in attendance will be unrestricted, but no more than two (2) visitors, or groups of visitors, will be allowed to address the Board at each Board meeting, and visitor comments will be limited to 10 minutes per visitor/group so as to allow the Visitor Comment Period to be divided into two (2) 10-minute addresses, totaling 20 minutes. Conflict of Interest Statements will be read aloud by the Secretary prior to each address.

Board-only conference calls will not include staff or visitors.